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providing the service of "stress elimination"

Have you been struggling with the complicated process of coming up with the most efficient wet kit for your trucks? Are you searching for someone you can trust to build your wetline kit? Someone who will provide you with the perfect combination of components for your unique setup? Well congratulations, your search is over, because STAC, Inc is your final destination!

We are a service company. A company providing the service of "stress elimination". We eliminate the stress that can come from trying to build a wet kit for your truck. How do we do that? By doing absolutely everything ourselves, so that you don't have to! All you need to do is provide us with your systems info and what you're hauling, and our team of Certified Fluid Power Experts will design for you the most efficient system for your trucks unique needs!

No matter your setup, we have the components you need!

Carrying a wide variety of mobile hydraulic components in our 60,000 sq. foot facility, we adapt to fit your needs. We stock hydraulic pumps, PTO's, control valves, reservoirs, pump mounting brackets, pogo stick kits and shift towers, just to name a few. Our CFPS design team are experts in designing hydraulic systems for applications including end dumps, side dumps, walking floors, belt trailers, lowboy trailers and any combination of wetline kit components for these systems, and more!

wet kit components

STAC, Inc carries a variety of wet kit components from the industry leading manufacturers, when building our THERMAFLOW wet kits

Wether you're an owner operator with a single truck looking for a complete wet kit, a fleet manager in charge of a large fleet of trucks and need just a few wetline kit components, STAC is the true one-stop for all things wet kits.

When working with our hydraulic specialists, you are getting people whose professional lives revolve around designing wet kits. By getting your wet kits through STAC, Inc, you save hours of your precious time and potentially thousands of dollars from properly speced components that will give you the longest life and most efficiency when unloading.

STOP fighting with your system and START your partnership with STAC, Inc TODAY!