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  • Don Crowder
  • Arch Hudelson
  • Kelly Schlickenmayer
  • Lyle Everett
  • Marlon Jones
  • Milt Swenson
  • Scott Swensen Testimonial

"Great company to work with. One of the nice parts about working with STAC, is they're flexible and work quickly with customers. Their response time, and help with sizing equipment both for hydraulics and for adapters and everything that fits with our pumps. Any time we've sent people both domestically and internationally, they've worked real well with them and I've always had distributors and end customers of ours talk about how great they are to work with and the response time has always been excellent." 



                                                                                                                                                         -Don Crowder


"STAC has been an excellent ally for our company. They are very knowledgeable with their hydraulic systems. They have always been my go to with any hydraulic question even if the system is not theirs. Very easy to work with and always go above and beyond to help any way they can. We had an issue with a truck we were working on, STAC worked with us and the pump manufacturer to dig into the problem. They did not quit until we had the problem solved. They offer a great product and stand behind it. A great group to work with. I would recommend a STAC system to anyone looking for a Hydraulic PTO system or the Tank Stabilization systems. They are a good reliable system."



                                                                                                                               -Sam Governile

"STAC has worked with us since the year 2000, they are actually our back bone for coming up with the systems that work best for our commodities. We haul different commodities and weight is a very big issue. As times have changed, weights have changed, emissions have changed which created more weight on the trucks, STAC has improved their systems to help us out in our business and the versatility of the THERMAFLOWS, helps us in that aspect.
In the past he have used the THERMAFLOW SS675 and on our new equipment we are going with the SS975 with the bigger reservoir to handle bigger loads. We run 9L and 12L blowers, the increased reservoir capacity is needed on the 12L blowers and STAC has helped us out with coming up with answers for those issues."
                                                                                                                                                    -Kenneth Monroe 

"We have been using the 500P for a little over three years. Initially we were hesitant to try something new, especially when it was going to be the backbone of our bobtails. However, since we started using the 500P, we have noticed a significant increase in pumping performance. We are also starting to see the results of less wear and tear on the pumps and related components. When building our trucks, STAC assisted in sourcing the correct PTO and hydraulic pump for our various trucks based on their daily operation requirement. 

Most importantly, STAC continues to go above and beyond when we had an issue. They were willing to tell us when they did not immediately know the answer, but they dug into it until an answer was found. They were honest when giving us feedback on different systems. The tech department helped correctly identify and solve our problem the first time and made it easy to understand the why and how it happened--and to make sure it does not happen again. They single-handedly have kept our bobtails on the road when other companies had no idea where to start"




"I appreciate the quality of the units. We are in Central Illinois and are currently installing 30 of your units. I will always try to sell the THERMAFLOW. We like the design and quality."


-Josh H