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Eliminate your chain & sprocket with reelflow


Hydraulic hose reel system


REELFLOW is a new product for bobtails and fuel trucks that eliminates the chain and sprocket, prevents users from injury via the built in relief valve, and spools your hose reel hydraulically all from your handheld remote.

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Propane transports and bobtails are more popular than ever thanks to the rise in propane. Fields such as autogas, agriculture, oil exploration, chemical & industrial usage, in addition to home heating are all utilizing the power of propane. For the last decade and a half, STAC, Inc has proven that we are the leaders in the hydraulic propane transport industry. We shook up the industry in 2004 when we released our patented, highly innovative, propane bobtail stabilizers, 100P & 500P.

"...our patented propane bobtail stabilizers are a must!"

The patented technology that we developed for our propane bobtail stabilizers, allows the user to utilize a small amount of the engine coolant & propane they are hauling to add vapor back to the tank. This process stabilizes the tanks pressure, giving the pump a constant rate of flow when unloading and providing benefits like...

  • Increased Pump Flow Rates
  • Quieter Pump Operation
  • Longer Pump Life
  • Decreases Product Pump Cavitation


When designing a hydraulic system for a propane bobtail or transport, there are many different combinations of components. Without specific knowledge in hydraulic drive design, a systems components can easily be fitted incorrectly with one another, leading to inefficiencies. Leave it to us, and we will deal with the hard stuff!

Our certified fluid power specialists are trained to know EXACTLY what components are most efficient for your specific set up. All you need to do is provide us with your system info and our team of certified fluid power specialists will custom design a system that best fits your specific needs! We exist to be YOUR hydraulics solution provider, and to be your overall hydraulics one-stop. No matter the combination of components or truck type, STAC has you covered.

If using a hydraulic drive to unload your liquid propane from a transport or bobtail, our patented tank stabilizers are a must! Contact us TODAY!