THERMAFLOW Hydraulic Coolers

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Unlike other companies in the mobile hydraulics industry, 100% of our time is focused on mobile hydraulics, its all we do! And with hydraulics being our companies only focus, we have had plenty of time to perfect the hydraulic cooler. STAC, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing the highly successful line of THERMAFLOW hydraulic coolers since the early 1990's. Today, we have THERMAFLOWS designed to fit every vehicle type, hauling any kind of product, for any industry. We even have 2 THERMAFLOWS that are patented for the propane bobtail industry. For information on specific THERMAFLOW hydraulic coolers, click on the images below.

propane tank stabilizer


Propane Tank Stabilizer For Propane Bobtails

THERMAFLOW tank stabilizer


Propane Tank Stabilizer & Cooler For
Propane Bobtails

THERMAFLOW hydraulic coolers


Frame Mounted Hydraulic Cooler



Behind-Cab Hydraulic Cooler

wet kit for crude oil


Frame Mounted Hydraulic Cooler



Behind–Cab Hydraulic Cooler