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Former headquarters of CATCO Parts & Service
CATCO Parts & Service

In 1949, Art Peterson opened a clutch and transmission repair shop for heavy duty trucks, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His new company was known simply as, Clutch And Transmission Service. As time went on and the business began to grow, the company became known as, CATCO Parts & Service.

In the early 80's, Art's son, Harvey, now the president of CATCO Parts & Service (Clutch And Transmission Service ) began to see what would become a long-term trend in the mobile transport industry. People were moving away from dangerous mechanical drivelines to hydraulic systems. Some CATCO Parts & Service stores stocked a small amount of hydraulic parts, but Harvey saw the opportunity to capture a growing market. In 1983, employees taking the abbreviated name of their current company and flipping it backwards, created their new company, STAC.

STAC, Inc. then ran side by side with its parent company up until 2012 when CATCO Parts & Service was sold. As part of the deal, it was requested by CATCO's president, Tom Peterson (son of Harvey), that STAC, Inc not be acquired in the sale. Because of that request, we are the living entity of a family business that began all the way back in 1949.

continuing a legacy

Thus, STAC Inc. was born from the CATCO mold. We’ve benefitted over the years from having such a large distributor as a mentor and guide to our manufacturing and distribution process. Over the years, we’ve added new products and services, but our philosophy remained the same. We focus on providing our customers with solutions to their hydraulic drive needs. Many of our current employees are still here from the CATCO days, some have even been with us for 35+ years! Contact us today and get to know our knowledgeable and friendly staff!