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The Chemical transport industry is a perfect match for STAC solutions. Whether driving a product pump and/or using a compressor, we have both products and services to provide delivery efficiency with our chemical wet kits for trucks. Specifically, our compressor package and THERMAFLOW hydraulic systems.

"Our hydraulically driven compressor includes a patent pending direct mount motor..."

compressor packageOur hydraulically driven STC35DM compressor package includes a patent pending direct mount motor for ease of installation and system longevity. The direct shaft alignment was designed to eliminate shaft coupling alignment issues between the hydraulic drive motor and compressor, which will extend the life of your compressor. Click HERE to learn more about the STC35DM.

When choosing STAC, Inc, you eliminate any and all frustrations that come with building chemical wet kits for trucks

Our industry premium THERMAFLOW hydraulic oil coolers are the heart and soul for chemical wet kits for trucks. Our 934 and 675 units were designed with the chemical transport industry in mind. Our coolers, with the only 2 year warranty offered in the industry, combined with top of the line components, give you the best chemical wet kits for trucks, ANYWHERE. Not just because you're getting the highest quality products, but because when you get your wet kits through STAC, you get our hydraulic expertise as well.

Unlike other companies in the mobile hydraulics industry, 100% of our time is focused on mobile hydraulics, its all we do! With most chemical transports hydraulically driven, the combination of components are endless, and having a system that is not designed properly will be costly both financially and mechanically.

Without specific knowledge in hydraulic drive design, a system can run into many problems, and when choosing those other guys to design your system, thats exactly what you will get, costly problems.

When choosing our chemical wet kits for trucks, you are provided with a system that is not only problem-free, but is as efficient as possible, both mechanically and financially. A system that is perfectly designed for your chemical transport. All you need to do is provide us with your current set up and situation and let us deal with the rest!

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