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Bulk Feed is at the core of the American agricultural industry, with the vast majority of haulers utilizing feed trailer wet kits.

That being said, its no surprise that feed trailer wet kits are currently some of our most requested systems by our end users. This surge in bulk feed hydraulic system requests has to be credited to our new feed trailer specific, SS975HFT hydraulic cooler. Designed specifically for feed trailer wet kits, praise from our end users has been through the roof.

"...the highest quality feed trailer wet kits in the industry"

THERMAFLOWS are the heart and soul of bulk feed hydraulic systems

The THERMAFLOW SS975HFT is designed for feed trailer wet kits

The THERMAFLOW SS975HFT (Hydraulic Feed Trailer) is a THERMAFLOW 975 (the perfect powerhouse unit for bulk feed hydraulic systems -high or low flow) but a 975 fitted with a specifically designed dual pressure controlled manifold. It gives the user quick and easy access to one central point for BOTH pressure and return lines, as well as a built in relief valve and fan control.

If you know what we're talking about then you understand why this cooler designed for feed trailer wet kits is taking off, and if you don't...just ask us about it and you'll quickly understand too!

Let us deal with the hard stuff!

Besides our feed trailer compatible THERMAFLOWS, we also design entire bulk feed hydraulic systems around your specific needs. No more guessing, no more trial and error, no more researching...let STAC build a system for YOU. All you need to do is provide us with your system info and our team of certified fluid power specialists will custom design a system that best fits your specific needs. A system that ensures the most efficient and long lasting performance for your investment.

We exist to be YOUR bulk feed hydraulics solution provider, and to be your overall hydraulics one-stop.


STOP fighting with your system and START your partnership with STAC, Inc TODAY!



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