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what do we do?

Tyler Merth designing a new THERMAFLOW®

At STAC Inc., we design hydraulic components, hydraulic coolers and hydraulic systems for the mobile transportation industry. Specifically, we offer cooling systems, wet kits, and pump building. We are your hydraulic specialists, and are willing to take the time to work with your unique needs and specifications to give you the best product we can offer.

We only do hydraulic systems, its been that way for over 30 years and it shows in the quality of our product. At STAC, we take your concerns, questions, and needs with the utmost attention and importance. Our top management is only a phone call away, so contact us today for any question you may have regarding mobile hydraulics!

  • Custom System Design
  • Manufacturer of THERMAFLOW Hydraulic Coolers
  • Hydraulic Components Distributor
  • Solutions provider for all hydraulic issues
  • Wet Kits

we have the solutions for your specific hydraulic needs

As a child of a former midwest parts and service company (CATCO Parts & Service), we have the knowledge and experience to confidently consider ourselves as the premier mobile hydraulics company in North America. Our certified fluid power specialists have been designing mobile hydraulic systems since the early 80's, as well as manufacturing the highly successful THERMAFLOW Hydraulic Coolers, since the early 90's.

Have a question about pumps, motors, PTOs, hoses, filtration or cooling needs? We've got your answer! Looking to convert your outdated, mechanical drive to a hydraulic drive and don't know where to start? We can help! Want the know which hydraulic components will give your vehicle the smoothest running system? We can build that! Contact us anytime for your specific hydraulic needs!

Jay building an SS675HR

thermaflow hydraulic coolers


Since the early 1990's, STAC, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing the highly successful line of hydraulic coolers, THERMAFLOW. Today, we have THERMAFLOWS designed to fit every vehicle type, hauling any kind of product.  We even have 2 THERMAFLOWS that are patented for the propane bobtail industry. For any questions regarding our THERMAFLOWS, contact us at...