Behind–Cab Hydraulic Cooler

The 980 is our highest capacity cooler to date, designed to be suitable for high capacity feed trailers and other high horsepower applications but can be utilized in any market. If you have high flow and high horse power requirements, your system demands a 980 hydraulic system. The THERMAFLOW 980 is a heavy duty, compact hydraulic cooling system that also stores and filters the systems oil, eliminating the need for tanks housing large quantities of oil (weight). It is designed to mount behind the cab, keeping it away from any road debris. It is compact, making installation and operations easy and convenient. We also offer custom coloring and laser cutting, giving you the ability to create a cooler thats personalized to your fleets unique look.

The Hydraulic Oil Cooler That Gives You The Most

The THERMAFLOW 980 is a hydraulic oil cooler that can be utilized in any market, no matter the application you are hauling or the type of system you are running. Why is this? Well, every truck and trailer set up is different, every fleet has trouble trailers that always seem to work harder than the other ones, the variables can be so different and that and create an issue of knowing what hydraulic oil cooler is the best fit for each specific system. What we have found, is that by utilizing a cooler that can handle the heat load of the hardest working trailer, this hydraulic oil cooler can then run a system at any horsepower producing any heat. Thats why this is an ideal hydraulic oil cooler for applications like cryogenics, specialty gases or compressed gases.

Are you running a feed trailer? Click the button below to learn about our SS975HFT THERMAFLOW, a cooler designed specifically for hydraulic feed trailers!

Oil Market
Food Grade Market
Bulk Feed Market
Chemical Transport Industry
STAC designs cryogenic systems


Strong Design:

Stainless steel construction ensures great looks and long life. Unlike steel units, does not rust and is easily shined to keep your trucks looking top-of-the-line. Enclosed return hose, means there is no exposed connection.

                                  Heavy Duty:

Our most powerful model, suitable for the toughest and most demanding mobile hydraulic applications.


We offer custom powder coat paint options as well as custom laser cutting lettering and/or designs to personalize this hydraulic oil cooler for your unique fleet of trucks.


Flow Rate: 60 gpm

Max Pressure: 5000 psi

Reservoir: 9.4 gallons

Warranty: 2 years

Dimensions: 34.5″(L) x 14.75″(W) x 40″(H)

Suction port size: 2″

Return port size: #20 MJICReturn