Frame Mounted Hydraulic Oil Cooler For Trucks

The THERMAFLOW SS934 hydraulic oil cooler for trucks is an extremely versatile unit and is by far our most popular hydraulic oil cooler for trucks. Being that it is extremely versatile, the 934 can be found all over the country on a wide array of wet kits, supporting all kinds of applications such as... chemicals, compressed gasses, food grade, crude oil, vacuum pumps and combo drives.

The THERMAFLOW 934 hydraulic oil cooler for trucks is the heart and soul of the surrounding wet kit. By adding a light weight THERMAFLOW unit to your wet kit, you save considerable amount of weight on your vehicle, allowing you to haul more product. Not only does this unit cool hydraulic oil, it also stores and filters the oil as well, eliminating the need for huge tanks housing large quantities of oil. It is also the thinest hydraulic oil cooler for trucks that we offer. At only 9.25" wide, the THERMAFLOW 934, will fit all of your applications.

The model 934 will drive most 3" and 4" product pumps and compressors, with options for multi-pump applications.

Oil Market
Food Grade Market
Chemical Transport Industry
Propane Bobtail Stabilizers



  • 9 1/4" Wide
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Larger Reservoir Size
  • Lighter Weight
  • Frame Rail Mount
  • No-Drill Mounting Option
  • Behind the Cab Mounting Option


The 934 Model uses almost the same exact parts as the SS600 Model. Allowing you to keep stocking the same part number as you always have.

  • Hydraulic Fan
  • Electric Fan
  • Drop in Filter


Flow Rate: 30 gpm

Max Pressure: 3000 psi

Reservoir: 4 gallons

Weight (Dry): 62 lbs

Warranty: 2 years

Dimensions: 9.2″(W) x 20″(H) x 22″(L)

Suction port size: 1 1/2″ MNPT

Pressure port size: #12 MJIC

Return port size: #12 MJIC

Model Options


Relief (R):

The standard relief valve offers pressure protection.

Directional Control (V):

A directional control valve allows for easy rotation changes or drive selection.


Electric (E):

The Electric fan motor option has a 12VDC cooling fan which is operated with a temperature control switch. This switch gets wired into keyed power. When the key is turned on, the switch will be ready to activate the fan when the oil temperature gets to 110°F. When the oil temperature falls to 105°F the fan will turn off.

Hydraulic (H):

The Hydraulic fan motor option has a fixed pressure compensated flow control that automatically cycles the fan “ON” when the hydraulic system is running and “OFF” when not running. This option comes plumbed from the factory.

THERMAFLOW SS934 Overview video

THERmaflow SS934 Customer testimonial video