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Oil transportation has been an important force behind liquid hauling for years. From Texas to North Dakota, California to Ohio and beyond. Oil and oil products are the most common liquid transported by trucks.

How can stac, inc help with your oil transportation needs?

STAC, Inc is the manufacturer of THERMAFLOW, the most commonly used and highest quality hydraulic system in the oil industry. THERMAFLOW hydraulic units are the heart and soul of our industry preferred systems. With the only '2 year warranty' offered in the industry, stainless steel construction and patented designs, its no secret why THERMAFLOW is the most popular system in the oilfields.

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Stainless Steel Design
  • Behind the Cab Mount Options
  • Frame Rail Mount Options
  • Patented Cooling Designs
  • Industry Specific Systems
  • Off-Road Options Available

The majority of oilfield trucks use hydraulic delivery systems, but not all delivery systems are correctly designed. By utilizing our professional hydraulic design team, our certified fluid power specialists will design systems that provide you with the correct flow, pressure, and cooling capabilities for your vehicle. This ensures the most efficient and long lasting performance for your investment. All you need to do is provide us with your system info and our team of certified fluid power specialists will custom design a system that best fits your specific needs!

"We've been designing hydraulic drive systems since 1983"

STAC, Inc has multiple models for the oil industry. Whether you're hauling crude, refined fuels, water, sand or other chemicals, STAC Inc has the solution you need.

Contact us today to find out which cooler is right for your specific set up!