Markets Served

At STAC, Inc we are experts in mobile hydraulics. these are some of the markets we serve

Oil Market

Oil has been an important force behind liquid hauling for years. From Texas to North Dakota and throughout North America oil and oil products are the most common liquid transported by trucks. The majority of oilfield trucks use hydraulic delivery systems, but not all delivery systems are correctly designed. We've been designing hydraulic drive systems since 1983. We ARE the mobile hydraulic experts, period... Learn More

Bulk Feed is at the core of the American agricultural industry. The vast majority of the Bulk Feed market uses hydraulically driven drives. STAC is your best solution for your bulk feed needs. THERMAFLOW coolers, specifically our SS975HFT cooler, are designed to handle both high and low flow systems...  Learn More

Bulk Feed Market
Chemical Transport Industry

The Chemical industry is a perfect match for STAC solutions. Whether driving a product pump and/or using a compressor, we provide delivery efficiency. Our hydraulically driven compressor includes a patent pending direct mount motor for ease of installation and system longevity. The direct shaft alignment will extend the life of your compressor... Learn More

Food Grade is hauled all over North America to manufacturers daily. Whether you're hauling milk or molasses our team will make sure that your shipment will be delivered efficiently. STAC has designed hydraulic delivery systems for the food grade industry for decades. With many different combinations of hydraulic components, designing an efficient system free of problems can be challenging. But here at STAC, we can take your current components and fit them efficiently into a system custom designed specifically for your needs... Learn More

Food Grade Market
Propane Bobtail Stabilizers

Propane transports and bobtails are more popular than ever thanks to the rise in propane usage in fields such as autogas, agriculture, oil exploration, chemical & industrial usage, in addition to home heating. STAC has been on the forefront of the recent propane boom in North America since 2004 when we came out with our patented tank stabilizers, SS100P & SS500P... Learn More

Cryogenics and specialty gases popularity have been on the rise for the last decade or so. The need for safe, reliable transportation and product conveyance of these materials has never been higher. When it comes to transporting and unloading these volatile substances, there are some very specific parameters that need to be executed in a precise manner... Learn More

STAC designs cryogenic systems