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Why Choose STAC?

We are the "most trusted hydraulic resource in the mobile transportation industry". For 35 years we have been specializing in mobile hydraulics. In fact, unlike other companies in the industry, 100% of our time is focused on hydraulics. It's all we do!

The Highest Quality Hydraulic Coolers for Trucks in Bulk Transportation

STAC, Inc is the manufacturer of THERMAFLOW®, the highest quality hydraulic systems in the bulk transportation industry. THERMAFLOW hydraulic units are the heart and soul of our industry preferred systems. With the only '2 year warranty' offered in the industry, stainless steel construction and patented designs, its no secret why THERMAFLOW hydraulic coolers for trucks are the gold standard.

Hydraulic Service Provider, Hydraulic System Design

Not only are we the manufacturers of the industry premium, THERMAFLOW® hydraulic coolers for trucks, we are also a hydraulic service provider. Our certified fluid power specialists design custom hydraulic systems, hydraulic wet kits and hydraulic coolers, as well as distribute hydraulic components for trucks in the mobile transportation industry.

Recognized Innovators in the Hydraulics Industry

In 2014, Discovery Channel® approached us to be featured on their award winning TV program, "Innovations with Ed Begley Jr."    The premise of the program is to inform viewers of innovations in technology across a wide array of industries. The producers did their research and because of our outstanding innovations and achievements in mobile hydraulics, decided we were the most qualified company to represent this industry for their episode on innovations in hydraulics. You can watch our segment below!